“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote is as relevant today as it was when he was pioneering our new country 250 years ago.   Franklin, who was a thrifty and keen businessman, understood that frequent, small maintenance expenses far outweighed the cost of having his equipment broke-down and unproductive for any amount of time.

The biggest part of a professional plumbers job and perhaps the most rewarding for me is educating clients about their house’s plumbing and sewer systems.  Conducting regular maintenance is important so that they can avoid unnecessary, costly repairs.  At Slusher Plumbing Heating Cooling Electric, we believe it is important to build relationships with our clients by empowering them to understand how and why their systems function the way they do so that we can work together towards implementing a comprehensive maintenance program for their property.  Investing in your property rather than just “fixing” things when they break can actually free up money for other needs and wants.  

7  important things you can do right now  to prevent unexpected plumbing expenses?

Whether you are performing regular inspections of your plumbing system to check for leaking pipes or one of our professionally trained technicians comes to your home, it is important that you have a plan.  At a minimum, that plan should include the following areas of importance:

Drains– Slow drains indicate an existing problem with your waste piping.  A stoppage is  frequently accompanied by unhealthy and toxic sewage leaks.  These leaks are usually in hidden locations and can cause considerable damage to your structure.

Leaks – Persistent water leaks are the most common and costly cause of damage to your home.  Routine inspections in locations like cabinets, closets and underfloor areas where pipes and plumbing appliances reside and that are infrequently accessed is an important practice.

Toilets – Is your toilet water continuing to run? Excess water consumption due to  leaky components can cause high water bills and may do irreversible, costly damage to your leach field.

Water Heater – Inspections can identify intermittent leaks that can lead to costly water damage and loss of service due to malfunctioning controls.  Regularly scheduled draining and descaling of sediments from the vessel can also greatly increase energy efficiency.

Water Pressure – High water pressure can lead to excessive wear and premature failure of your plumbing fixtures and appliances.  High water pressure can also cause pipes, fittings, and hoses to leak and or burst.

Water Softener and Iron Filter – Regular maintenance of your water filters are key to maintaining clean and safe water, avoiding a loss of service, or damaging filter equipment or other plumbing fixtures and appliances beyond economical repair.

Septic Maintenance – Regular pumping is imperative to maintain an optimal microbial action and can greatly prolong the life of your leach field.  In conjunction with pumping, a leach field test should always be performed to confirm the ground is draining waste water at an adequate rate.  A healthy septic system can also help to ensure clean drinking water for people who have on-site well water.

Remember, maintenance can help prolong the life of your mechanical systems and will help to avoid potential catastrophic failure and emergency service fees.  If a problem is identified as a part of our inspection and maintenance program, we will explain to you what options can be taken and work towards a solution that fits your budget and timeline.  As always, estimates are free and completed in a timely manner.

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We can also set up a maintenance program for your heating system, air-conditioning, electrical equipment, wood stove, and stand-by generator.
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