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Sewer Cleaning

Sewer Cleaning Specialist in Chester, Susanville and Quincy

It is never a pleasant experience dealing with a clogged or slow sewer line. This often leads to raw sewage backing up into your home, cabin or business. This can sometimes cause serious damage and costly repairs.  

How do you know if the sewer line is blocked?  Look to see if several places in the house are backing up.  Are several fixtures in the house clogged or running slow?   Is water backing up in your toilet, tub/shower, or overflowing from your washing machine waste line?  Do you have sewage draining at your clean out?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, there may be a serious problem that requires immediate attention.  

Whether the blockage is small or larger, the experts at Slusher are here to help. We use professional grade sewer pipe cleaning equipment from the Spartan Tool Company.  We are specialists in tackling the hardest Sewer blockages.  Our sewer cleaning service is unmatched in Northeastern California!  Roots, rust and grease beware!

We use two methods to clean a sewer pipe:

Cable driven cutting machines

Cable machines are designed to cut away hard obstructions in your sewer line such as tree roots or rust accumulation.  We provide sewer cleaning services with 3 different sized cable power snakes that can clean pipes ranging in size from 10-1.25” in diameter.

High pressure water jetting

Our high pressure water jetting machine is designed to blast away soft obstructions such as grease accumulations or paper buildup.  This tool allows us to introduce water into a blockage to help break up sludge accumulations and help water to flow downstream.  Pressure washing the inside of your sewer lines can really help to prolong the time between backups.

How regular maintenance helps your sewer system

Annual recurring cleaning services are highly recommended and offered for properties that experience frequent stoppages and for commercial customers who can’t afford to be left without sewer facilities.  Over time, problematic sewer  systems can become slow draining .  If neglected for too long, the problem   can become worse, which can lead to an unexpected backup.  By scheduling regular maintenance, more costly after hours and off season service calls can be avoided. These types of services should be scheduled late into the fall for our residents in the high country of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Southern Cascades so to decrease the likelihood for a backup over the winter.  Cleaning your sewer line before the snow and ice builds up ensures we have easy access to sewer cleanouts and greatly diminishes the likelihood of a wintertime stoppage.