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Air Conditioning

SLUSHER is the #1 Name in Plumas, Lassen & Tehama Air Conditioner Repair and Sales Service

When it comes to service, repair, and maintenance on your Air Conditioner, look no further than SLUSHER, Northeastern California’s number one cooling service company.  We offers a full range of Air Conditioning services in and around the Lake Almanor area.  Our experts will have you basking in the cool air and will have your Air Conditioner Installed or repaired in no time. Our experts are proud to provide our exceptional installation, maintenance, repair and replacement services throughout Chester, Susanville and Quincy areas.  SLUSHER installation services will get your air conditioning system off on the right foot. We’ll make sure that your air conditioner is appropriately sized and that every step of the installation process is handled with the professionalism we are known for.  Call today for more information about how we can help you keep cool and comfortable during the summer.

Common Air Conditioning Questions

Should I buy a new AC Unit?

If your system has had multiple repairs in the past few years, is costly to operate, or is a noisy nuisance, it is probably time to start budgeting for a new air conditioning system. Older R-22 refrigerant systems are obsolete and adding or replacing refrigerant may require a second on your home due to dwindling market supply. Also, R-22 is harmful to the ozone and replacement is a sure way to protect the our environment.

Does my Air Conditioning unit need a filter?

DO NOT ever run your air conditioning system without a filter. Dust and lint can get trapped between the small fins on your evaporator coil inside the duct-work of your forced air system. The evaporator coil looks similar the the radiator on your car, simply an air-to-liquid heat exchanger. Any clogging of the coil or restriction of airflow (a dirty filter or closed room air registers) through this heat exchanger could cause a damaging, icy mess when the coil freezes accumulating condensation solid. If you are bad about replacing your air filter every 90 days, it may be a good idea to have your evaporator coil thoroughly cleaned this year.

How long do Air Conditioning units last?

Depending on how your system is used, and maintained, the average life span of most well-cared-for heating and cooling equipment is 15-20 years. Infrequent maintenance and over-sized systems are the two leading factors to shortening a system’s life span.

What size Air Conditioner should I install?

The correct sizing of your air conditioning system is the most important factor when installing. If you currently own an air conditioning system and the unit turns on and off no more than 3 times per hour, its probably sized correctly and the replacement system can be matched to the existing. If your system cycles more frequently (really bad) or less frequently (still bad) than 3 times an hour, or you are installing a system for the first time in your home, referencing Manual J for sizing in the Mechanical Code, or hiring a certified engineer to design your system, is something that must be done.

Air Conditioning Services Near You.

We will helpfully explain to you your options based upon your existing unit’s efficiency, age, physical condition, available parts, and installed location.  We repair all makes and models and serve the Lake Almanor, Quincy, and Susanville areas.

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