Attic and Ceiling Fan Installation & Repair

There are many nights during the summer months in Northeastern California when the temperature inside is warm enough for air conditioning but the temperature outside is cool and comfortable. Running air conditioning during this condition is unnecessarily expensive. Unfortunately, without the right fan, it is difficult to move enough air volume to exchange the warm air for cool.

The answer for this problem is a whole house fan. Whole house fans run at a fraction of the cost of an air conditioner and can cool your entire house in a matter of minutes.

Simply open windows in the rooms you want cooled and the whole house fan draws in cool air from the exterior and exhausts the hot air into the attic or to the exterior of your home.

How does an Attic Ceiling fan work

Whole house fans offer 90% lower operating cost than central air conditioning! For people who may be away from home all day at work, installing a whole house fan could save thousands in annual operating costs if the air conditioning in their home could be left off all day.

Installing a whole house fan is a simple job. Most can be accomplished in a matter of hours. Call Slusher Plumbing, Heating Cooling Electric to see how a whole house fan could be an affordable reality in your home.