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Leach Field Testing

Experts in Leach Field Testing for Chester, Susanville and Quincy

Getting the leach field tested and the septic tank inspected is essential if you are going to buy a piece of property in the country.  The professionals at Slusher Plumbing Heating Cooling Electric can help you with this process. Our thorough test and inspection will show that your investment is capable of providing years of continuous service.  A septic system inspection and leach field test is always accompanied by a professional detailed report that can be used for the sale or purchase of any property.

Our Inspection and Testing Process

Pumping Your Septic Tank

The first step we take in conducting a septic system inspection and leach field test is pumping everything out.  Once the septic tank is uncovered, we will have the effluent on both the inlet and outlet sides of the tank pumped. If you do not have accesses that allow us to easily pump your tank without excavation, we can install either concrete and cast iron or durable polyetheen accesses  to make future maintenance a breeze.

Inspect Septic Tank

After the tank is pumped, we will inspect the septic tank material and check for any cracks or breaches which may allow effluent to prematurely drain into the soil or allow unwanted roots into the tank clogging pipes and hindering overall capacity.  While in the tank, we will check to see if all the proper baffles and guards are in place to make sure the separation of solids and liquids are happening correctly.

Perform Hydraulic Load Test

In order to test the overall health and liquid capacity for your leach field, it is necessary to perform a hydraulic load test. This is done by running water at a certain rate over an allotted period of time.  A failure occurs when water back-drains to the source before that allotted time period is up.  The leach field component of a septic system is nothing more than a secondary holding area where bacteria can continue to further consume sewage materials while clean liquids are allowed to drain into the soil.  

A system that has not been properly maintained (frequently pumped), a system that had improper original construction, or a system that has my deep-rooted plants near it, may have a reduced capacity due to sludge accumulation or root intrusion.  These obstructions can limit the overall capacity to hold liquids and often impede the rate at which water can drain into the soil.

What if the Inspection and test fail?

If any component of your septic tank has been compromised in any way causing unwanted operation, we can either make a repair or ultimately replace the tank.  If your tank is beyond repair and you are trying to sell your home, it is often required to make such a replacement to comply with current health regulations.  

If a failure in your leach field does occur, commonly, it is possible to make a simple repair to blocked pipes to get the system flowing again.  Sometimes the drain rock and piping of the leach field becomes so blocked that the only option is replacement.  Slusher Plumbing Heating Cooling Electric can perform complete leachfield replacement and can coordinate all aspects of the project from permits to finish landscaping.