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Radiant Heating

Hot Water Radiant Heat Systems Installation and Repair

Slusher Plumbing Heating Cooling Electric offers complete installation and maintenance of hot water radiant heat systems including radiant floors, baseboard heaters, hot water air coils, and snow/ice melting systems.  Total comfort and unstoppable reliability are expected from all modern heating systems.  Systems that are correctly engineered, thoughtfully designed, properly maintained, and give decades of efficient operation are now the norm.  We have built a solid reputation around these simple principles and will help you design and build the radiant heating system that best suits your needs.

What is Hot Water Radiant Heating?

Did you know that radiant heat is one of the oldest forms of climate control?  Radiant heating has been used for thousands of years because of the warmth it provides to every surface it touches. 

In more modern times, water has become the desired form to transfer radiant energy for heating purposes.  Radiant heating systems transfer warmth by radiation from one object to another. Unlike Gas, Oil or Electric forced air heating systems that warm a room quickly by filling it with heated air, radiant heating systems raise the temperature of each room more gradually.  

Radiant heating systems are often preferred when family members are prone to allergies and respiratory ailments. Unlike forced-air heating systems that can circulate dust and other airborne irritants, radiant heat doesn’t need air to be blown around.

Radiant heat systems can be up to 30% more efficient than forced air heating systems if properly maintained.

Factory trained authorized Lochinvar and Buderus boiler installers and service technicians.

Hot water baseboard heater & hot water air coil install and repair

Hot water baseboard heaters are commonplace in older homes and hot water air coils are becoming more popular as condensing boilers become the preferred heat source.  What do these appliances have in common?  Copper coils go through strenuous expansion and contraction from heat cycles which can fatigue the materials and cause leaks.  Also, these air coils are a perfect place for dust and debris to collect.  Once clogged up, air cannot move freely across the heat exchanger and heat transfer and efficiency decline quickly.  

Slusher offers complete baseboard and hot water air coil replacement with minimally invasive replacement procedures.  You won’t ever know we were there.  

Also, we offer complete baseboard and hot water air coil heat exchanger cleaning services. periodic, thorough cleanings will ensure peak system performance and maximum comfort.

Is it time to upgrade your radiant heating system?

The experts at Slusher Plumbing Heating Cooling & Electric also specialize in upgrading your existing radiant heat appliance so that it produces a much more consistent and stable temperature inside your structure by adding controls that regulate boiler water temperature based upon the outdoor air temperature or by limiting water flow to different areas using zoning methods.  

Using outdoor reset temperature controls, water is tempered to a cooler degree on warmer days when there is less heat loss through exterior walls.  Using zoning, thermostats and valves are added to rooms that may experience more or less heat loss.  The result is a system that experiences virtually no over or under heating scenarios that are commonplace with older radiant heating systems.  These added controls can often save as much as 15% on total fuel consumption.

Lake Almanor snow melt systems installation & repair

Having a heated driveway that can melt the snow and ice during the winter months can be helpful in the Sierra Nevada mountains.  Slusher Plumbing Heating Cooling Electric is your snow melting systems expert. We specialize in the design and installation of snow and ice melt systems for the most critical of accesses into your property.  Our state of the art Radiant Snow Melting systems use the most efficient Gas or Oil boilers and the most accurate controls on the market ensuring consistent safety and predictable energy consumption.  Never worry about your steep and slippery drive or walkway again.