Smart WiFi Thermostats For Your Home

Controlling the temperature of your home or office while you are away has never been easier and more convenient.

Smart Wifi thermostats from Honeywell are the ultimate way to monitor and control your home or office’s heating and cooling system from anywhere in the world right from your smart phone, PC or tablet. With its color touchscreen that you can customize, the Honeywell WiFi Smart Thermostat is easy on the eyes.

Wifi Smart Thermostat By Honeywell

You can change the color to match your mood, paint choice or favorite team. The user interface is incredibly easy to use and intuitive, and access to your thermostat from any wireless device to make a schedule or temperature change is a breeze.

Warnings and notifications can be sent to your email in the event of an equipment malfunction or a service reminder such as changing the filter.

Using Your Wifi Thermostat for Your Vacation Home

For our clients with vacation homes, it extends the comfort and decreases the cost of visiting your home during the shoulder seasons when heat may not be necessary and the temperature is uncomfortable upon arrival.  Simply access the thermostat from Honeywell’s app and pre-heat the home before arrival.  After the first visit you’ll wonder why you didn’t install one sooner.

If you worry about whether your home is protected by heat while you are away during the winter months, don’t fret.  The Honeywell Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat will send you alerts if the temperature drops below a predetermined set point or if there is a power failure.  You can also access the thermostat remotely to monitor temperatures and make adjustments based on current weather conditions.

Learn More About Smart Wifi Thermostats

Using a WiFi Smart Thermostat allows you to manage the comfort of your home or vacation rental using your smart phone or computer.  Head over to the Honeywell website to learn more.