LED Lighting in Plumas , Lassen and Tehama Counties

Here’s a bright Idea: have the lighting experts at Slusher Plumbing Heating Cooling Electric convert your home or business to LED lighting today to start saving you money. We take pride in being experts in Electrical Installation, Repairs and Replacement

LED’s are now boasting a 1 year bulb payback. Energy consumption is 91% less than incandescent bulbs! The lifespan of an LED bulb can range upwards of 20 years under normal usage. LED lighting is more dependable, efficient and adaptable than either incandescent or

LED Lighting Sales and Service

compact florescent bulbs. It pays to convert to LED.

What does all this mean? It means that the sooner you convert to LED lighting, the sooner the initial investment not only pays for itself, the sooner the new bulbs will start putting money back in your pocket. Even changing out complete fixtures that may have specialty bulbs have a generous payback.

LED Color Temperatures Explained

LEDs come in a number of color temperatures, which are based on the color given off by heated metal. Thanks to a century of incandescents and a few millennia of candles, most people seem to prefer what we call warmer light. It is important to remember that indoor spaces lit to lower light levels will typically look and feel better under warm lamps, while higher light levels are easier to tolerate using cool lighting. A space which receives an abundance of sunlight may seem more natural when cooler lamps are installed since their light is closer to high colour temperature of natural daylight.

Finding the right color temperature for your setting can be tricky. Our suggestion before investing in a bunch of really expensive bulbs would be to have one of our technicians install a few different bulbs in the same natural lighting condition and see which one you prefer. Once you become accustomed to how the light feels in your space, we will order and install your new bulbs.

How Much Can you Save Switching to LED?

Here is a handy calculator to help you determine the return on investment of converting to LED in your home or business.