Water Service Leak Repair in Plumas, Lassen, Tehama Counties

Water service leaks can be costly due to the amount of water lost to the repair itself. Slusher has been offering effective water service repair solutions to the communities of Plumas, Lassen and Tehama counties since 1980. Our expert technicians can  avoid costly replacement by employing proven techniques including underground sonic leak detection, backhoe and hand excavation services.

Simple checks to see if you have a water leak

There are simple checks you can make to determine if one of your pipes is leaking and costing you money or causing serious damage.

Fixing Broken Water Pipes

Confirm that you do not have water running running inside or outside of your building and call your water supplier to inspect if any water is making it past the water meter.  Usually, a large water bill is the first indicator of a leak. If you are on a well, you’ll need to isolate the water at every point of use and then watch the pressure gauge at your pressure tank.  If the reading on the gauge falls without water usage, you’ve got a leak.

Locating a pipe leak

Locating a leak can be a bit trickier.  If the leak is showing a visible wet spot on the ground there is a good likelihood that the leak is nearby.  However, water follows the path of least resistance and the actual leak itself could potentially be a long distance from the location where the leak shows itself.  We always recommend an on-site evaluation before any excavation Begins to determine what type of discovery method is best based upon existing conditions.

Remember, do not ever dig, even with a shovel, before you contact USA Underground. Call: 811 for utilities marking.  If you were to damage any underground utilities before they can be identified by the service provider, you may be liable for repairs.  Also, if you were to damage a buried electric or gas line, it could result in fatal consequences.

Providing these services to northeast California

  • Water Pipe Replacement
  • Leaking Pipes
  • Leaking Water Pipe
  • Water Pipe Repair
  • Drain Pipe Repair
  • Leaking Pipe Repair
  • Pipe Leak Detection
  • Leaking Pipes
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