Slab Leak Detection Services in Chester, Indian Valley, Quincy and Susanville

Finding a water or sewage leak under your concrete slab can be difficult and costly.  Slusher is your respected leak detection service for Plumas, Lassen, and Tehama Counties.  DO NOT waste your time trying to locate burdensome pipe leaks under concrete, asphalt or inside a wall.  Remember, water follows the path of least resistance, even if a leak shows itself, there is NO guarantee that it is nearby.  Most often, a leak will never show itself and the only indication there is a leak is when you receive a higher than normal water bill.

Slab Leak Detection Chester, Susanville, Quincy

5 Signs you might have a leak under your concrete slab

  • Have you started seeing moisture under your carpet?
  • Sometimes when you have an area of your floor that is warmer than normal might indicate you have a hot water leak under your home’s slab.   
  • Hearing a hissing sound in the floor or wall can mean a leak is present.
  • Your water pressure will drop if there is a water leak in the main water line.
  • Have your water supplier check your water meter to see if it is showing water flow even if you have shut off all the appliances and faucets.

Water leaks under your slab may be difficult to detect. Make sure you hire a licensed plumbing expert like Slusher to inspect your slab as soon as possible so severe damage is avoided. We can pin-point the location of your hidden leak with accuracy and without the expense of hunt-and-peck style demolition. Our minimally invasive service can reduce property damage and restoration costs.

What Tools Are Used to Find Water Leaks under The Concrete Slab?

Locating leaks non-destructively requires the use of modern tools such as electronic amplification equipment, electromagnetic pipeline locators, and infrared imaging. With the proper equipment, leaks can be found and repaired with minimal disruption to property. In many cases, only a single floor tile needs to be removed and replaced.

We will coordinate with your insurance company during all phases of construction to ensure your leak is repaired in a timely manner and make sure your building returns to its original condition.