Solar Hot Water Heater Systems For Northeastern Ca.

Looking for a reputable contractor to install your solar water heater system? We can help repair, upgrade or convert your building to solar thermal energy. We are proud to offer SunEarth Solar Energy Systems.  SunEarth is the most versatile solar thermal equipment on the market.  Whether you are needing a pressurized system, a drainback system, a thermosyphon systems, controls and monitoring, or quality array racking, we can help. Over time, a properly designed solar water heater can pay for itself! Feel good knowing that you are benefiting the environment and doing your part to reduce carbon emissions.

Slusher can help you estimate how the total system installation cost will be offset by the increase in  energy efficiency of a solar water heater.  We’ll orient you on which equipment is right for your property based upon your energy needs.

Solar Water Heater System Installation Slusher Plumbing Heating Cooling Electric

We will advise you on how you can maximize the refunds available to you on the state and federal level and match  your project with the  best solar energy option based  on your existing unit’s efficiency, age, physical condition, available parts, and installed location. We repair all makes and models.

Financing your solar hot water system

Investing in a solar hot water system varies depending on your needs. Slusher is proud to work with Synchrony Financial if you need to finance a future project.  Make the smart investment today.

Finding information on state and federal rebates

Where can I find information about the California Solar Inititive?

A great resource for information in California is Go Solar California.  This campaign is a partnership between the California Energy Commission and the California Public Utilities Commission.  Below is a list of resources you might find helpful.

Where Can I find Information on Federal Tax Credits?

The federal Government offers several programs to offer Federal tax Credits, Rebates, Financing and Grants.  Are you looking for Residential Renewable Energy tax Credits?   Below you will find some resources to help you.