Frozen Pipe Repair and Service in Lake Almanor, Lassen, Susanville, Ca.

Don’t wait any longer for your pipes to defrost themselves!!! The longer you wait, the higher your chances are of suffering additional damages to your plumbing system and building. And, if the weather does warm and you have suffered freeze damage, irreparable damage could be done if a broken line floods the area.

We have 3-electric pipe thawing machines and a whole arsenal of thawing equipment including 3-oil fired portable jet heaters, stand-alone gas and electric space heaters, and heat-guns.

The number one goal if your pipes are frozen is to get the

Frozen Water Pipe repair and Thawing

temperatures as warm as possible inside of your structure. Turn your heat to its maximum setting and bring in additional sources of heat if necessary to get those spaces uncomfortably warm. The warmer you can raise the heat, the less likely it is that you will suffer any additional freeze damage.

Also, stopping or sealing drafts is key to keeping your pipes under your home or inside remote rooms from becoming frozen. Seal up those leaky drafts before cold weather sets in or before one of our technicians is dispatched. And, regardless of what you have been told, pipe insulation does NOT help to prevent frozen pipes. Only warm conditions will prevent pipes from freezing. Keeping the cold out and the warm inside should be your number one goal during the winter months.