Kitchen and Bathroom Sink Repair

Are you experiencing a slow draining kitchen or bathroom sink?  Your kitchen and bathroom sinks are some of the most used plumbing fixtures in your home and it is common for them to become clogged and not drain properly. Don’t waste your money on gimmicky liquid drain cleaners that never work!  Let professionals at Slusher help unclog that stubborn drain

Clogged Sink Repair Slusher

Causes of Kitchen and Bathroom Sink Stoppages

You can think of the sewer pipes inside the walls and under the floor of your home like the arteries in your body. Arteries get clogged and can cause problems just like your sink’s drains.  Food waste and hair particles usually accumulate on the pipes where rusty patches act like a magnet or where the waste line may have a belly or trapped area that slows the flow of sewage down and causes it to settle and solidify.  Acids in soaps and food fats can worsen the problem as they will cause further corrosion to whatever they stick to.

4 steps you can take to prevent a clogged kitchen or bathroom sink:

  1. Always scrape excess food waste into the trash can.  This will limit the amount of accumulation that can occur inside the sewer lines.
  2. Always use a hair trap or food strainer in your drains to prevent unwanted particles from entering the sewer.
  3. Fill your sink full with water frequently and let the large volume of water help to rinse out buildups.
  4. A slow drain may often only show up under the sink as a persistent leak.  This leakage can cause serious costly damage and and must be addressed immediately.

What to do if a stoppage won’t go down:

Don’t attempt to clear the stoppage yourself.  Bacteria, viruses and other hazardous biologicals and chemicals exist in sewage.  Our technicians have the proper training and protection to limit their exposure to these hazards and can avoid a potentially costly and hazardous sewage spill inside of your home or office.  Call Slusher today to have a technician run one of our high power snakes through your drain lines and ensure a water-tite seal at every joint under your sink. We’ll have your pipes running clear in no time.