Sewer Line Cleanout Install and Repair

It’s important to keep your sewer and drain pipes running clean in your home or business. Sometimes your main sewer line blocks and requires professional services. A Main line sewer stoppage is a blockage between the city sewer system or your septic tank and your structure that obstructs sewage from normal flow.  Having a clogged sewer line can often lead to unhealthy sewage overflows and costly repairs.  These blockages are often caused by roots penetrating a non-watertight seal in the pipe, and a crushed or misaligned pipe.

Sewer Line Cleanout installs for Plumas, Lassen and Tehama Counties

How do we clean a main line sewer that's clogged?

To clear a main line sewer stoppage, it is necessary to run our power snake through a cleanout at the exterior of your structure due to the size and weight of our equipment.  Working on the exterior of your home will help to minimize the risk of sewage contamination in or under the building.  Many older properties don’t have a readily accessible cleanout installed.

Installing a sewer cleanout

I don’t have a cleanout?  What next?  We can locate where the sewer exits your building with our electronic location equipment.  Once we find the sewer pipe, we can excavate the line and install a cleanout to grade regardless of the existing materials.  Once the cleanout is installed, a chronic blockage can be easily cleared saving time and money.