On-Site Alternative Electric Generation for Northeast California

Slusher Plumbing Heating Cooling Electric is your alternative electric expert for the Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains and Southern Cascades. We specialize in the installation and repair of Solar Photovoltaic Systems, Wind Turbines and Water Turbines.

Investing in an alternative electric system for your home or business may be one of the most important investments you will ever make. We’ll orient you on which equipment is right for your property based upon your energy needs and inform you how to maximize the refunds available to you on the state and federal level. By hiring Slusher, you can have confidence that your investment will pay dividends.


The three most important things to consider when purchasing a renewable energy system are: product warranty, available rebates, and total payback period. To be economically feasible, any alternative energy system must have a warranty that covers the useful life of the equipment and the system must generate an acceptable return on investment. All systems designed and installed by Slusher will always met these criteria. Our friendly professionals take all the guesswork out of the process. To help you make the decision easier, our proposals are always accompanied by a detailed report explaining expected costs and returns. Don’t let the unknown discourage you from making a solid investment in green energy.

Alternative Energy Systems for Remote Property's

We are the premier service company for people living in remote Northeastern California who’s rural property is not connected to grid energy.  Our experts can install and maintain the most advanced systems including:

  • DC inverters
  • Gas and diesel generators
  • Batteries

Slusher has teamed up with Synchrony Financial to help you with your renewable energy project.  We will work with you so your system brings you the greatest savings possible.